Regular Users 

  1. ALL Adults MUST be put in the Adults category.
  2. DO NOT put a question mark in the infobox since it looks really unprofessional!
  3. ALL parents MUST be put in the parent category.
  4. We are NOT creating a combined article for all the members of the family e.g. "Sheridan Family."
  5. ALL characters should have hyperlinks on their pages.
  6. MOST characters should have an infobox provided we know information about them.
  7. You are NOT allowed to modify, make or delete infobox templates
  8. ALL hyperlink annotations should begin with a capital letter, e.g. "(Mother)" instead of "(mother)"
  9. Users may write in PAST and PRESENT tense.
  10. ONLY third person should be used.
  11. If you delete any important content you will be BANNED for at least 6 months - 1 year
  12. If you delete the main page you will BANNED for 1000 years!

Content Moderators 

  1. Be a good example, be kind to other users.
  2. Only delete/move/change protection on pages that the admin tells you to.
  3. Believe in yourself to innovate this wikia.
  4. Try to edit at least twice per week that way we can be an active and growing community.


  1. Ensure to edit users permissions if you feel the need to do so but do check with "CJRichards."
  2. Instruct Moderators to delete/move/change protection but please be mature.
  3. You are in a position of trust so don't ruin it by doing something stupid like kicking a innocent user off for nothing.
  4. If you want to modify the theme or navbar please ensure you have been taught how to by someone or are a professional at web design since it could take ages to fix if not.
  5. Try to edit at least 3 times a week. If you haven't another wiki you are admin on. If you have then once a week is acceptable.